To whom it may concern;

A list of what i lost, when i was squatting in the empty lot, across from one of the Vancouver New Police Stations, on Glen Drive, for three years!


  1. two bike-trailers
  2. two mountain bikes
  3. one fixed wheel road bike
  4. one BMX three piece crank with all the extras
  5. bike tools crank wrench, multi tool, pedal wrench bottom bracket wrench and others etc…
  6. salvaging tools hammer, cutters, vice-grips, multi screwdriver,  adjustable wrench and others etc…
  7. one double man tent
  8. ten tarps
  9. enough designer cloths for a month, between laundry
  10. assorted designer shoes and or boots
  11. mini portable backpack camp stove
  12. two camp pots
  13. a bowl favorite spoon, kitchen cutting knife
  14. about twenty dollars in food
  15. one down comforter and assorted wool blankets
  16. five pillows
  17. eight original oil paintings
  18. one hundred thirty three movie cd’s in original cases
  19. And lot’s of etc, which i found in dumpsters


Now upon my return, after doing my banking and shopping for the day, i walk into the empty lot, where there is one police car with a women officer, two city dumptrucks, a frontend loader and i can’t remember how many city works..


The women officer get’s out of her car, upon seeing me, i ask is there anyway could have a look, she says “No!  They tried to contact on numerous occasions with no luck!  (Now i’m restating that there is a new police station right across the parking lot on the same road Glen Drive Vancouver British Columbia Canada planet Earth..  i would like to also state that i have been stop and my name ran, on many occasion right on Glen Drive in front of the new police station…) Anyway back to the women officer, she ask, “do i smoke” the hands me two cigarettes, not being able to retrieve anything i turn and walk away…


Thinking to myself thank you city of Vancouver where my family has been in BC on this coast for five generations…


i don’t see it happening, however i would like compensation for what i lost, funny how they didn’t ask to fast track me into subsidies housing..


So in kind back on to the streets, sleep in alleys…


chris jensen


The second image is of myself inside the wooden tent in the camp i was squatting across from the new police station on Glen Drive Vancouver British Columbia Canada.

This is where i wrote a lot of poetry