Wrongfully Suspended! (MPA)


Staff @ MPA 2275 Fir Street.



F_ck You,


let’s start with my name;


christopher raymond jensen.


i attend the MPA on 2275 Fir Street often to use the computer an laundry..


Well i have had problems with the individual on more than one occasion…  And have been duly suspended, twice now, for what i feel, i have been wronged, anyway getting to my point, the staff working on the day of June 12,2017 have decided to suspended my once again,

where i did do anything that started this incident, an

after i left during the time, while i was loading up my mountain bike an trailer, the said black women, continued to argue with me…  And once again she had start just like before the moments that the staff asked me to leave, which i must comment that i did leave right away…


All i’m asking that you look into how the staff handle these type of occasions!


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad