Note for Coquitlam;


Note for Coquitlam;


i find it very funny, how one should miss something, which the toad, believes sad!  The knowing that there was person or person’s which thought about toad..


For some body a toad never meet and could never find out whom they may have been, missing that moment when to women would drop by say we have something for you…


Everytime the toad takes a used peanut-butter container out of the recycle bin, scrap-out what is left behind, filling his craving for peanuts..


That, loving memory of Coquitlam always appears!


So this post is made in missing you!


chris jensen (toad)

Gift from Coast Mountain Bus Company…

I had gone downtown to the hood, for personal reasons, when this bus decided to pin my trailer between it self and a parked car.

The bus and driver in question is this first photo.










Here are a few photos of the damage on my bike-trailer which carries everything that need, as I am living on the street.































I would just like to thank the driver and Coast Mountain Bus Company for making my day interesting.  I had spent the most of the day searching for a new wheel with no such luck.  I will just make do with what I am left with and MacGyver my way through the day.