May 12, 2016 Paint the City

As to a wandering toad…  Moves disturbingly about the midnight city…  Sometimes taking photographs of those would be tags left by those mysterious taggers, silently moving about the midnight city, spray-can in one hand and a beer in the other…


Well you know, leaving their mark upon life…


To keep things short an sweet,


here is May 12, 2016 Paint the City;



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Pushy Friend & Granville Tag

Above image of a pushy friend…

While a toad spent the day at the park, by the tennis club..  A toad loves to hear the tennis balls bounce back an forth…  Strange but a toad find the sound of the bouncing tennis balls soothing..


While sitting in the shade of a great old tree, taking in the tranquility and just being a toad..


People often bring their dogs to the park for a run, and other shit!



Well, seem a toad made a friend, whom was very pushy at teaching a toad to play a little fetch.. Kind of made a toad’s day…


Well back to the reason of the post,


like a toad says, “paint the city!”


While trying to do his damndest to finish a poem, which for some reason was giving a toad some problems!  So outside for a cigarette..  What do think the toad spots?


The reason for a very quick post;


Pushy Friend & Granville Tag;

granville tag

Above tag on Granville Street..

Below tags our in the fairview area of the city…


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Downtown Graffiti, (The Hood!)…

A toad, doesn’t really desire togo downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,  whereas full of desirable an undesirable memories…


Being a drug addict, there have been times throughout toad’s life where you could have seen the toad half naked an digging in the dirt throughout the alleys, nonetheless


there have been times as a drug dealer, where we owned the block!


Just a little history coming from


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad;


So enough said, here’s Downtown Graffiti;

Miscellaneous Tags, April 27, 2016

As a toad is cleaning up some of his uploads…   There would be some image, not used of forgotten..


So methinks, why should i not put them into the trash?


When a toad can waste a post on miscellaneous tags!


Well in keeping, the toad presents Miscellaneous Tags;



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Pole Tags April 24, 2016

As a toad wanders throughout the midnight city of Vancouver BC Canada, just doing what a toad does…


To run throughout the darkness of night, spray can in one hand and beer in the other, as to we paint the midnight city…


What grand idea, pole painting, a longer last tag!






As a toad, i’m sidetrack very easily, along with some memory recall problems do to a shocking experience…


With that i give you Pole Tags;



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Damn, those Taggers!

To wander a city, not only a city, but the midnight city! A toad does get around within fun and play throughout the musical rhyme in god’s given day…


Hell!  Are we in May?


No!  Fuck head……..


Well back to those taggers and their spray paint, moving about the midnight city silently through the night, paint in one hand a beer in the other?  Who knows, as we go about leave a little sign,

we were there!


With that!


i’ll give you, “Damn, those Taggers!”

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

March 26, 2016 Tags & Graffiti

As a wandering toad, moves about the midnight city of Vancouver..  He comes across those would be midnight painters..


Placing their mark, upon society within humanity…


And probably their friends!


A toad is grateful, to happily place these works of art on display…


With that;


please enjoy!


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

March 7, 2016 (Walkabout Tags)

Now Sunday was one of those days, really no different than any other day, accept for someplace decided they should close up for god’s day of rest, while the world keeps moving god decides to take a rest!  Don’t figure…


Only in Canada, such a pitty!………… Continue reading “March 7, 2016 (Walkabout Tags)”