A Comment to a toad prediction;

To Follow a Dream-666-7

As a toad, wonders in thought, using what little of his brain a toad has left..  One does favor some of his cherished addiction, taking them gracefully to his grave..


Well onto the thought;


As toad had predicted, you seem more an more women entering the male job force, also outnumbering the men if one is to sit and just gaze upon the public just for a moment.


Well within this thought;


A toad possibly see women, reaching new high’s with thoughts of selective breeding.

Now ifinn one was to ask this very delicate question, well, you would not be liked, probably become very lonely within the next few weeks!


However, it does make perfect sense, as to the benefit of the human-race..  But would you be losing those unique to chance, possibly waking a hidden gene!


These are only thoughts from a delusional drug addict living on the street, so don’t take them seriously, one never knows what will come out of a toad’s mouth next…


chris jensen (toad)


P.S. Have you been seeing the rising sales in dogs to the female gender, or walking them throughout your day?

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