A fooled toad,

as toad does, an dosen’t…


Wanders, throughout the alleys of the fair-view area of the city…  Digging in dumpsters, looking for lost treasures forgotten dreams and garbage!  i mean who put garbage in the dumpster? i find myself doing the same thing over an over, day after day, week upon week, year after year, time and time again…


Life simple, simple life…


chris jensen

A fooled toad!

Chris jensen 2019-07-22 at 8

Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 8



Finished a two week, “Time-Out”!


i found it a bit childish,


to be putting me on a time-out (basically they locked me out of my room for two weeks) like i was a bad boy an placed into the corner with dunce hat on…


Like sending me outside was going to bother me a great deal, i mean they took me off the street where i had been living for years…


On another note, now being able to get into the shower an be clean, inwhich after i made breakfast, something that is harder to do outside, i must say felt great…


How fast we forget the simple pleasures in life….


Just for those interested i’ve stop into Tim Hortons to have a chocolate-creamy-chill, i feel for the twins, whom love this drink….

And to my dear sister, whom sometimes reads thisoldtoad, i do miss you an please say hello to our big sister!

April 29 2019 Chris jensen

Love chris