Vancouver City Murals (101)

As a toad moves about the midnight city, he does come across building murals..

Where a lot of lov and creativity has gone into creating an image that all can see freely..

In that, the toad presents;

city images-1

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

A tale of a thousand dreams… (Part five)

i’ve been have been gain ground, slowly, nonetheless not alone!  i won’t say at this time by whom, other than i am grateful…

On a different note;

i will do my best to continue the tale of a thousand dreams!

Let’s start about the presents in the everyday  moment..  i’m not bitching, or ask for sympathy, however donations would be helpful only not needed as you all know!  i’ve struggle, yet gaining ground, in any sense of the way…  i’ve already done more that we had invitationed…  You see i am the human equation, something they fear in taking that chance in something way beyond what you refused to believe!   A part of their plan, which was designed to focus on me, be the paranormal started over hundred of thousands of year ago…  i will not go into what i have done, yet say!  Best leave those involved alone!  That’s not, a threat, but a promise!

This is one of my night spots, where I’m forced to sleep because of Canadian law…  Now i would like to let you know, that i will not go into, what happens there ,it’s none of your business at present moment, possibly at a later date…

West Coast Trail


Yes the West Coast Trail, I had traveled the trail when I was about twelve years old. My father had charged me with Unmanageability, I was sent to Brandon Lake Youth Detention where I spent thirty months, however while in detention I was afforded the opportunity to hike the West Coast Trail. The trail left me with lasting memories. I see by the photos they have made many improvements to the trail, I don’t remember the trail being such a nature walk. I would like say to all those who live in British Columbia they should try and hike the trail you will see beauty beyond belief…