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A note;


For those would be taggers and or graffiti artist!


As we Fall into painting the midnight city


of Vancouver BC Canada…


All my tag an or graffiti photographs are now going straight to https://twitter.com/crjen…..


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

As a toad wanders;



Well it was one of those days, where the librarian bitch, came to kick us out..  All that money wasted on government employees, where should we make the cut back, i wonder?


Any back to the reason of my post, i was out and about playing on the train tracks, dodging cnn police…  NO just kidding, taking photos of some unique artists, before those other hacker artist painted over fine art-work…


i was able to get these images for your viewing pleasure…


Please enjoy the art, i apologize for the bad camera work, that’s a toad for you!













toad (chris jensen)

A moment into toad’s past; )Cool rides(


When toad was young, i mean a long, long time ago!  Remembering back to a time when a toad first learned how to ride a bike..


Well it kind went something like this; my father bought a small girl’s bike because i had two younger sisters..


This was the bike that i learned to ride on, well off we went to the park not even a block away, my father mounted me onto the bike and gave me a push down the grassy hill i went!  By the bottom of the hill i was riding, didn’t really have much choice, other than crashing…


As i look back at the moment, it brings smiles to my face, the love that my father only knew, damn, i miss the fact that he is gone now!


Well now i see all these young children riding bikes almost before i was able to walk, scary how children of now a day, grow-up much faster than we did..  Makes me wonder are they missing something out of life or are they gaining more of life than us kid, in my generation?


All i can say is what cool rides these children of nowadays get to ride!



the toad (chris jensen)

Laughing though;


As toad moves about the city alleys, looking for bottles and whatever is valuable, he comes across tags, funny i should mention tags!  A toad can go about the city not even tagging, nonetheless finds his tag everywhere!  What is surprising is that the tag was not place by a toad, even more funnier is that the tag get’s dissed most times..


To not to tag or to not to tag, that is the question?


A toad does wonder if you diss a tag which was not made by the tagger, what would you call that?


i would stupidity in the grandest sense….


So to all those dissing a tag, which i have not made, you look more stupider than you had ever imagine!


toad (chris jensen)

Time doesn’t add up?

header thisoldtoad-666-8

Well off toad went on a ride-about taking him in, out and throughout the city of home Vancouver BC Canada…


Fifth generation born on the west coast…


You would think that for the simple fact the toad does believe there is anybody back East, i mean who’s running the country?

That’s if seem like the majority has moved this side of the Rocky Mountains..


As always simply side-track, like a little child, wandering a candy store..


Here are some image of a toad’s where about in the last, who knows when?  Why the three W’s…  Ha!  lol



20150905_093539 (1)

20150904_151157 (1)



20150904_101151 (1)


20150903_131923 (1)

20150903_120800 (3)

20150903_120750 (3)

20150903_120722 (2)

20150903_120714 (2)

20150903_114738 (3)

20150903_114724 (1)

20150903_114632 (1)

toad (chris jensen)

Tag an Graffiti;


As i the toad, wanders, throughout, in and about, life’s given dream..  A toad comes across those would be taggers and or graffiti artists..


Placing their mark upon our wondrous city..


So a toad, had a thought, just maybe, probably not helping to teach these would be artist, in creating beauty, with which all can enjoy more than just writing a name or a word, just anywhere they please!


Now i must think the same way, for i too, must learn the art and be more creative?


With that said an done, here are some tags…


20150831_163433 (1)

20150831_163426 (1)


toad (chris jensen)

Passenger Graffiti;



Now a toad is unsure if he had already made a post about this graffiti, nonetheless, we shall make another or not!


There some place to place graffiti with taste, now i know this is not tasteful, however i the toad, love the fact that those graffiti artist defied would be challenged to place their art on this passenger car…


They singled out the car, i would believe to be cleaned of said art, a shame..  The art made a boring looking train into something creatively beautiful..


i do say, well done…


It will be sad to see it go…



toad (chris jensen)

We tease


I have found in the world that I live in, children always have the answer for everything! I believe this painting makes my point very clear. The painter truly has a gift. I fear children and at the same time if you look into a child’s eyes and when they look back into your eyes they give you a glimpse of the future,  when they smile back they know you seen it…



Write Life – oil on fabric covered foam, Japan clay, wood / Daeng Buasand

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