A moment into toad’s past; )Cool rides(


When toad was young, i mean a long, long time ago!  Remembering back to a time when a toad first learned how to ride a bike..


Well it kind went something like this; my father bought a small girl’s bike because i had two younger sisters..


This was the bike that i learned to ride on, well off we went to the park not even a block away, my father mounted me onto the bike and gave me a push down the grassy hill i went!  By the bottom of the hill i was riding, didn’t really have much choice, other than crashing…


As i look back at the moment, it brings smiles to my face, the love that my father only knew, damn, i miss the fact that he is gone now!


Well now i see all these young children riding bikes almost before i was able to walk, scary how children of now a day, grow-up much faster than we did..  Makes me wonder are they missing something out of life or are they gaining more of life than us kid, in my generation?


All i can say is what cool rides these children of nowadays get to ride!



the toad (chris jensen)

Time doesn’t add up?

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Well off toad went on a ride-about taking him in, out and throughout the city of home Vancouver BC Canada…


Fifth generation born on the west coast…


You would think that for the simple fact the toad does believe there is anybody back East, i mean who’s running the country?

That’s if seem like the majority has moved this side of the Rocky Mountains..


As always simply side-track, like a little child, wandering a candy store..


Here are some image of a toad’s where about in the last, who knows when?  Why the three W’s…  Ha!  lol



20150905_093539 (1)

20150904_151157 (1)



20150904_101151 (1)


20150903_131923 (1)

20150903_120800 (3)

20150903_120750 (3)

20150903_120722 (2)

20150903_120714 (2)

20150903_114738 (3)

20150903_114724 (1)

20150903_114632 (1)

toad (chris jensen)

Loyal readers…

Too, my loyal readers, many thanks I would like to apologize for the sometimes-small hiccups in my posting and such as.  I find myself coming out of a daze wondering if I have done anything inappropriate while moving through life in that fog. I am left with a strong guilty feeling, which does pass.  Then I move find myself doing it all over again.  (This sounds like a definition for insanity)  I would say that it would not happen again, however I am a product of my environment and sadly love that way.

Once again thank you for your support, I still here for the ride…


P.S.  I would like to find the crazy who talked me into starting this blog…  Using a weakness of this other project I have worked on which why I have started the Blog.  Some many times I have wanted to DELETE all which call working project, however it haunts me day and night a sleep and awake…

Date to Remember!



It is funny how things affect you; I just noticed the date that I must have seen more than once today.  However the realization of the day being September eleventh now means so much more and that we need to combat Terrorism in anyway possible.  We cannot hold back when comes people that are involved in this type of warfare.  Sometimes I believe that some many of us are ungrateful to Americans people for how much they have done in the name of justice and gotten dump on because they are the ones we always turn too.  When it comes to violence or anything that disrupts are simple lives.