Corrupted VPD?

Against a drug addict on streets, a toad…​_

Now i’ve been trying my damndest, to keep writing on my blog…


i was picked up on the charge of assault with a dangerous weapon, which was a pack of lies!  Anyway the charges were dropped, however upon my release, i didn’t get all my belongings back…

In hotel, (which is what we call vancouver jail) they forgot to give me back my pack, containing two apple computers….

Now i’m not sure ifinn this is bullshit or not!  But they have been passing the blame around like a tennis ball, from one to another…

It would seem that somebody had forgotten, to give me back, my packsack upon release…

My question is where are my computer an my knapsack?  An why would they lie?

Only in vancouver, what a pity!


toad, chris jensen, thisoldtoad

I will not be stop from posting

what i see, in corrupt vancouver city​_

One thought on “Corrupted VPD?

  1. Reblogged this on deletedangel and commented:

    A thought, now whom would want a gift, an wish to destory this said gift?

    Only humans, on a blue planet awaiting for the coming of those whom believe that we’re part of their food chain…


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