Time goes by

so slowly…


Time doesn’t go by so slowly for me, there is never enough time within a single day..  While writing rhymes

listen to on of my favourite musicians Madonna!


You can always catch me with some of Madonna’s tunes on my MP3 player..  Often while i’m creating poem’s an art…


It has been an untimingly uneventful day, inwhich i have purely enjoyed..


After yesturday was so disapointing…  Not many have their dreams an fantasies become reality, but those that do!  Always crash big, when their even kindedly let down..


That would be calling it a day, for toad..  Only now i will roll myself a spliff (Weed an cigar) then write another piece of what i call poetry..


kisses an sweet dreams toad…

Music this evening by:



Images created by;


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