Nervous toad,

back to court this week…


For those don’t know, i charged with assault!  (Throwing piss on a construction worker)


Personally it was a bad time for said, construction worker to mouth me off…  Bad timing for this gentleman!


So my lawyer asked me to right something about my poor judgement about this action…


In which i wrote, for my lawyer,


Dear your Honor,


As i do reflected back, at my behavior on the day of June 7, 2018…  i find myself in total disrespect to society an humanity in general…  As i pray anonymously on people in the public taking out my own anger and poor judgement.  As i was having poor understanding of bad day.. Which brings us to the charge of assault, causing harm to the plaintive, for whatever my reasons, i now realise, to be disgraceful and a  wrongdoing, i do find myself honestly concerned with his health an wellbeing… i will do my very best to control my behaviour, an if the court deem necessary i will, attend courses.. To better understand my emotions…


best regards chris jensen


Oct 16, 2018 Assault court 307


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

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