Destination hidden dreams

Once again, now back using a computer made within my dreams…  Now in the setting-up…  And adding some programs, we’ll be set!

Back to make movies…


So as a toad flows within a distorted turbulent world, running free within those alleys, looking for something unknown to even thee?  Did i say writing distorted poetry…

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Employee Personality, relating to a bouquet of dandelions…

Now hidden running throughout the alleys, disregarding broken man made law, i’ve choose Mainhardt, for a simple fact, do your really know what Uppies, throw away daily?


Street living dining like royalty..


Now to my point darling, i’ve have been digging in this dumpster for longer than, you probably have worked for the company!  Hell, i don’t believe any other employee would admit that!


Now to really throw fuel into the fire, what’s in the dumpster now belongs to the name painted on the side of the dumpster!  Meaning it no longer belongs to Mainhardt….


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Donate, Donate, Donate!


i really don’t see the problem, i mean that you walk by someone on the street panning,


Wam-bam-boom, you drop a toonie in the hat!


Nothing said, nonetheless the next you walk by again!  Wam-bam-boom, another toonie drops into the hat!


My point here is that?


You get honest content, from a similar person living on the street, only i don’t use a hat,


ask politely within the internet…


However, in the many years that i’ve been blogging, there was only two people whom donated, one i received, the other was stolen from me…


Well no more said, we’re done!


Please donate…
toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Have human lifespans maxed out at 115 years? — sqwabb

One school of thought about human longevity believes that death should be treatable and curable—like a disease; while another can best be summed up by the old adage that in this world, “nothing is certain except death and taxes“. Now a group of American scientists are saying that they’re not certain if any of us […]

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Another BMX departed my life!

As sad day throughout society, when someone can steal a bike right in front of London Drugs, on Broadway an Cambie..


Then said thief, (Brad (street shit)) can work all night probably scraping the paint off, to come by the next day an ask to trade my other BMX for the BMX, i am riding at the moment!


Yet!  When i ask to look at the video tapes from the camera´s outside the store i need a cope to view these tapes…


Now for those within normal society, living throughout humanity, you’re not the only people, whom have to put-up with the thieving…


i paid honest cash for everything i own, just like you…  Only i do this on a fixed income!


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

101 Life of a toad! (thisoldtoad) pissed

101 Life of a toad! (thisoldtoad)


As i sit in a favourite cafe, writing, dreaming, remembering?  The year slowly coming to it’s usually storming end..


i sadly remember back to the things i’ve lost do too, stupidity, heavy drug abuse..  Most were material, nonetheless has played apart upon my emotional state of mind..


When someone goes through;


3 BMX´s


4 Mountain bikes


2 bike trailers


3 Apple computers


1 chromebook


2 Samsung phones


Now all this on disability income!


One becomes very disappointed, within those living on the street throughout the streets of Vancouver, the city i was born an raised in…


Like those on the street don´t know, whom owns the shit they pick-up?


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad