(Big Business) Dog owners.

pick-up your dog-shit!

i keeping hearing get a dog?  Now why would i want to do that?  i mean it wouldn’t be fair to the dog first hand, i can’t afford dog on the other hand…


Let’s take a look at what i necessary in owning a dog…


First there is the outright purchase of the buy or choosing a dog that’s if you don’t go to the SPCA adopt a dog…  Running anywhere from $0.00 to 5000.00 or more depending on what kind of dog…


Now you must feed the dog, they all say that it’s not good to feed your dog hunan food so you must buy dog food…

The average, costs between $100 and $250 per year for a 30-pound bag every month to two months, not including doggy treats!


Now for leashes and etc, the average cost of a puppy in the first year was about $2,600.


Now you must take your dog out for exorcise, an well what goes in must come out!  Don’t forget to pick up your dog shit….

So, i ask myself again do i want a dog?  NO! It won’t be fair to the dog for one thing and i can’t afford dog secondly…


i do find that most dogs are useless creatures, not say that all dogs are useless but, most dogs don’t do anything but eat shit and play…


chris jensen

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