Dumb words toad! Found himself in handcuffs again?

i woke this morning, on time to have a shower an make myself something to eat before court…


All good, letter written to court, by the advise of my lawyer about my assault charge.  As to pertaining to my reasons, which i commited a gross act of misconduct…


Now i’ve been back an forth to court over a half-dozen times, only this time they really search throughout my things, an then i blow-up!


Not a good thing to do, when there are half a dozen guards working the gate, when i said “if i had a gun, i would shoot you all by now!”  Well in down on the floor an in handcuffs… “uttering death threats”


Well, for some reason luck was on my side because of the my lawyers reputation…


My lawyer advised me to make apologises to the guards, then i was escorted out of the building…


All seem good, original case put over until next week…


The life an times of a toad…  toadally interesting no doubt…

Screenshot 2018-11-14 chris jensen.png

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad, deletedangel, darkprince

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