Merry Xmas from toad!

To fall within a dream, i move about the morning, puzzled?  Reason being, for a moment, i had thought that i didn’t sleep, how could that be so?

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Another installment of a toad!

To wander throughout a day, when death can shut everything down…  As it has done on, November Eleventh, Two Thousand Seventeen…


One would think, that we should rejoice, in those which have given most of us, the chance to live our lifestyles so freely each day…

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Today’s toad…

Another installment of a toad, as to learning a small meaning of lov?


i walk the streets dreaming, as one looks for lost treasure an unwanted prayer, which drifted from caring loving people in-which i’ve never known…


My thoughts are always on filling a bag full of bottles, which people have donated, unconsciously…


i would like to make the statement, “We, whom collect these nickels an dimes are honestly an truthfully grateful….


So i will say, “i will soon set-forth on a venture of magickal delight, hunting unwanted treasures, picking-up nickels an dimes..


Thank you Vancouver BC Canada, for making my life possible in the most uniquely, filled with magick an wonder!

Hop skip an jump, storming through puddles, like a child floating within heaven..


Which was not my intention, just getting where i needed to go!


Back to the Kettle for another, dollar meal!  Damn ifinn i do an damn ifinn i don’t?


Tis the life of a homeless man, which is banished from his rightful place on Wall Street….


Tis a dance through time, captured within a delusional mind, homeless to be his only crime…


i do believe the above paragraph will be turned into a poetic rhyme?


Day by day learning the placement of lov, not a heavenly lov, but a lov, created by ordinary people, none with a belief or a god or heaven above…


i’ve been writing non-sense for years now, so times just can’t believe that there are some whom will read, what a delusional man living on the streets of Vancouver BC Canada has to say?


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

i seem to have, had a restless sleep, in the parkade lastnight..  Tossing an turning, most of the cold night, as dreams bombarded me endlessly..  Either i don’t remember my dreams or possibly i don’t dream?  Which is a lie, all creatures dream…


As i try, my best, to recall, even a piece of one dream…  i find that extremely difficult, yet in the middle of the night, the recall was so vivid.  It was like waking in a new world..


As my morning are always based around McD’s…  Opening for my morning coffee an cigarette, then finishing off with a muffin…


Normally i would connect to the free wifi, using a laptop, only through my own stupidity, i’ve lost another mac…


Bring the thought will i be able to keep a mac long enough to write some music an make movies?


A passion that i have picked-up over time by owning apple products…  i would like to clarify that i’m not very good at both!  Nonetheless a passion…  Which i do miss everytime i lose another apple product…


i’ve always said that “coincidences do happen in my life!”


i don’t believe in any higher power or god, so with that i regret it would only leave destiny…


Day by day i struggle with the fact that a maid or by canadian law a “common-law mother” can live in a house with my name on the ownership, until she dies or moves out…  Now here is as question; “whom would move out of a five million dollar home with a mountain view out, every back window of the house?”


Only in canada, law never follows the morally right answer!


Therefore always the wrong person suffers!


Only in canada….


i would say that i have bitched enough this morning…


My heart felt lov,

to all those whom read this little piece of my life…  From a toad, living on the street…

An more thoughts, as a simple day does move on, trapping time throughout a distorted toad’s mind…  Lost an one eye blind!


To whisper a life, dissecting within a double edged knife, sliding throughout the most hidden time…  Doing my damnedest to create  the most crappiest of rhymes..


All waiting for a meal, well worth the dollar i paid…  As the meal will last me, the better part of the day!


i must add that i ask for a knapsack, an was rewarded…

As i was waiting for this meal, a staff-worker was commenting about another shelter opening..


i had to ask, “is this the only way to get fast-tracked into housing?  Sadly the answer was, pretty much the way things are ran these days!”


Now i don’t know if those living lives, which are not to be declared homeless, have spent anytime in one of those shelters?


Only my own opinion.  They would have to be the worst place on earth!  i’ve slept on the street about a third of my life and to this day i will not sleep in a homeless-shelter….


Think of it this way;


Imagine, fifty or more people, from the street in need of a shower an clean cloths, now add the street attitude, topped with using addict’s, covered with a staff, not all happy about baby-sitting adults, an to make you feel safe, you must keep an eye on everything you own, because there is always somebody wanting what they don’t have, an are un-willing to work for honestly…


There you have it,


staying in a homeless shelter!


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad