Understanding a toad

i’ve gotten sidetracked, an i do not mean the drugs…  Just i need to change my hours around, well i guess you would say manage my time better…


Now i should have already realised that!  But as my brother from a different mother, hate about teaching me..  Was i did learn to fast and this drove him nuts so much, however i loved doing that!

One day this did change!   By no more teaching..  But he still is a helpful brother..


So i do apologise about my posting time..  This will change due, to me working out a schedule, which becomes convenient to all, especially myself..


One thing, which puzzles me?


Is about friendships, don’t have motives, do they?”



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multiplemichael i find the image

with David Bowie, crossing the line!

A toad rides again!

Well all the pieces came together, now i’m ride bike an trailer…  They both need some work an customizing, nonetheless, we have wheels…


And here’s how it all went about, as i woke, one morning an wondering by the Mac’s well, there was a bike sitting by the window missing a wheel, i go inside an ask, the gentleman in the Mac’s, he said the bike was sitting there all night..  This was about two months ago so i stash the bike an lock it up…  Among the other things i have stashed is some rim’s so now i have a ride once i get a tub..


Then as i’m fixing up the bike getting in ride-able condition, i stop into second-hand bike store called “Our Community Bikes” well they just happen to be selling a bike-trailer, in reasonable condition for cheap..  Today i was able to get the money together now i have a bike-trailer!  Well thank you


So a little more work to get everything functioning, Bada Bing Bada Boom…


Now the toad is mobile…

chris jensen jan 16 2018.jpg