A False Charge!

Then i lose two Apple Computers!

What the fuck is up with that, Vancouver?


i’m in Olympic Village @ tera breads, having a coffee, creating a post for my blogging world…  Before i can stir in my fifteen packs of sugar, there is VPD, to throw me out, sending me to jail…  Damn an the day was just getting started…


To shorten the story down to basics, i get out of jail, late in the evening, given all my affects, accept my backpack holding two computers, tb drive misc other computer related equipment, all my tools for working on a mountain bike, some important papers, etc, etc….


It is not like i have not lose the same shit many times over, what is strange, upon my release, i don’t even think about my computers, which a part of everyday life for me…


One would think, that after losing every in this manner every three month, one would remember?


So i say thank you Vancouver, an you would me to share a gift?

chris jensen - 2018-04-06 at 8

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