Hidden Note to those that follow!

i’m wandering life, storming throughout society, leaving a tale of a thousand dreams,

which only i, while no others really see..  Imagine this, to hear, not all but some thoughts of other, while also hearing them talking to themselves inside their head, now to add my own thoughts, along with the discussion i have in whatever i’m thinking about…  Wait we’re not finished, believe it or not!  There is a community of those with psychic abilities, now singularly they are no problem, however paired, their abilities are much stronger an focused..

Were as they can suggest, to as psychic sensitive person, an action or train of thoughts, confusing, let dare say normal movement or thoughts..  Why i have mention such intervals is because ifinn they focus on one person’s, life does become interesting..  Now i would like to multiply all the above by those you walk by or even think about..

So in conclusion this is the noise inside my head, now it does really bother me only in the fact, i will not take medication to quiet the noise, what bothers me is that the same treatments have been tried often enough you see over the years, are now working, an soon

my frontal lobe, will be useless…

Which is alright because some people are getting their way, at the cost of one, the way i see it, i’m a casualty of war..

So day by day, i move through life, within my first contract;

to just be me!

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

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