Finish of Santa Tracker,

It was early to bed lastnight,


i wanted to open my presents, Santa doesn’t stop while you’re still awake, as confirmed in his tweets!  A stop at a chinese canadian restaurant to pick-up rice an sweet-an-sour, down to a underground, which i’m truly grateful for their upgrades..


Out like a light at first, waking when Santa was just about to enter America, i struggle in getting back asleep, i so much didn’t want to miss, my Santa stop..  Well woke again about eight am, an i would believe that Mrs. Claus was happy that Mr. Claus was home safely, another year done…


Living on the street during this time a year, is hard for those whom, are by themselves…  There is nothing open, endless amount of bottles to collect for those whom have not manage their money well..  As an addict, even getting dope, is not a good idea because of how hard to find honest or quality supply..  The life of an addict on the street, sound like we’re hard done by, no!


i’ve just looked into another blogging friend, whom shows me his thoughts, about myself it seems i’ve been a bit of a bore in these past few months..  I was not expecting anything, nonetheless have been re-warded, the only remark, i would like to make is i like it when he comes up with those interesting images..

Merry Christmas dear friend!


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